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Technical information for the Fine Art

(Sources: www.cansoninfinity.com)

 The pictures exhibited in the Gallery are all printed on Canson Infinity paper 100% cotton.

Canson Infinity papers are manufactured by the world’s leading Fine Art Paper Mills, Canson and Arches, located in France. The unique qualities of these two premier paper mills and their products have been embraced by artists such as Picasso, Chagal, Warhol, Ingres, Miro and Alechinsky. They remain the standard for today’s artists. Canson has retained its spirit of innovation by combining centuries of papermaking experience and technically advanced coatings to produce the new benchmark for today’s demanding print reproduction marketplace. Canson favors the use of natural minerals and the purest materials to offer you age-resistant inkjet papers. Canson‘s Inkjet Fine Art and Photo papers & canvas present exceptional quality and character combined with stellar printing performance, consistency and value. Canson Infinity papers and canvas provide a wide colour gamut, deep blacks and excellent image sharpness.

Artists and photographers can choose between a variety of unique textures and media aesthetics that enable them to fully express their creativity and produce high end prints. We also offer you a wide variety of formats in cut sheets and roll sizes
Applications include, but are not limited to fine art and photographic reproduction, photo restoration, art and photo portfolios and book art applications.
Canson Infinity is the ultimate choice for digital printmakers and artists who demand the best quality.


Certificate of quality regulated by ISO 9706

The ISO 9706 standard, as described by the International Organisation for Standardization, “specifies the requirements for permanent paper intended for documents given in terms of minimum strength measured by a tear test, minimum content of substance (such as calcium carbonate) that neutralizes acid action measured by the alkali reserve, maximum content of easily oxidized material measured by the kappa number, maximum and minimum pH values of a cold water extract of the paper. “ Canson Infinity papers fulfil the requirements set by the ISO 9706 standards so as to maximise the  longevity of the paper. 

Museum Grade

Museum grade paper respects the requirements set by the ISO 9706 standards and the demands of galleries and museum for age resistant papers. All Canson Infinity papers are acid free and internally buffered so as to guarantee maximum longevity.

Acid Free and Clorine Free

The support, made of cotton, cellulose or a mixture of both, must be Total Acid Free (TAF) and Total Clorine Free (TCF). This two specifical elements, allow the fibre oxidization process, produced by the oxidative agents such as the air, light, to accelerate in case some acid substance are contained in the fibre. This makes the paper turn yellow and get stained. That is the reason why is important that the papers are TAF and TCF, so that the fibre oxidization process slows down. A further trick to prevent this sort of supports’ decline can be obtained thanks to the adding-up of calcium carbonate in the fibre composition, namely the addiction of on alkaline quantity that helps further on to slow down the acidification process.

Optical Brightening Agent

OBA stands for Optical Brightening Agent. OBAs are chemical additives that are very often used to enhance the colours of paper, causing a whitening effect. The paper looks less yellow as the overall amount of light reflected to the eye is increased.
Although the ISO 9706 does not take OBAs into account, these additives are known to deteriorate in time. After being exposed to light for a certain period of time, OBAs will lose their fluorescent properties, leaving the natural colour of the paper.
Canson takes great care in providing the purest whites whilst favouring the use of natural pigments to whiten the paper, instead of OBAs, so that the colour you actually see on the first day will still be the same in 50 years time.

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