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Why have a Cibachrome?

Because it is simply the best of the best, it actually increases in value, and can be passed on from generation to generation as a legacy sharing the spirit of nature. This process has become extremely rare: a lost art in a world sacrificed to the speed and convenience of digital photography!

This product has many features:

- In the world of art photography, Cibachrome is considered the printing process with the greatest beauty.
- The product is extremely stable and first in line for durability in archiving. This stabilisation is achieved by use of crude silver contained in the paper. This allows the image to last for many generations without any visible loss of colour or quality.
- There is no long-lasting photoprint paper; the digital prints used today cannot maintain their colour over long periods of time.
- A cibachrome-printed photograph will not fade even over lengthy periods of exposure to sunlight.
- Cibachrome paper is made with thirteen layers of azoic pigments containing silver which give depth and brightness to the image.
- Emulsion of this paper with silver halides yields high detail resolution and colour saturation over an exceptionally wide range of tones. The quality of a Cibachrome print is distinguishable from all other photographic images and allows the viewer to form an emotional bond with the imagery and the beauty, attracting both eye and soul.

There’s some magic in all this, even though the Cibachrome process is extremely complicated: it allows preservation of the language of image information. This method exalts the quality of details, colour and density of what is captured on film. This is art.

Unfortunately the production of Cibachrome has come to an end, so this printing process can no longer be used. This is why everyone should own a photograph printed on Cibachrome.

(Fontispiece: photo courtesy of Fatali)

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