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Cibachrome Association

for the protection of our photographic heritage and TELLKO industry – CIBA – ILFORD

The Cibachrome association (including former employees of ILFORD, management of the Marly Innovation Center site and the municipality of Marly) has been founded in the interests of preserving the industrial heritage of the ILFORD company. Furthermore, the association will also manage building work at the former school of domestic science also known as ILFORD/Ciba-Geigy to maintain a meeting place for photographers and others interested in promoting the visibility of the product.

What is Cibachrome? Cibachrome is a colour photographic material unique in all the world, with a reputation for archiving quality, rich colours and high definition which has yet to be matched.

This product is a result of the know-how which has been accumulated by the photographic industry Canton Fribourg since 1935. The Tellko company was in business until December 1960, when it was taken over by Ciba. Ciba – Photochemistry began working at the Marly site on the development of this product in 1963. With the further acquisition of the ILFORD business in the same year, the commercialisation of Cibachrome began. For 40 years, ILFORD’s ‘claim to fame’ was used by many photographers worldwide, taking its place in many museums as a reference point for colour projection.

The history of Cibachrome is linked to the Fribourg territory since the product was invented, developed, produced and distributed from Marly. The association’s aim is to preserve the memory of this magnificent human adventure by maintaining a space suitable for the organisation of exhibits or events.

Further information on the association’s mission can be found on the website www.cibachrome.photo

For further information:

Jean-Noel Gex, President of Association on 079 635 4478

Email: jeannoel.gex@gmail.com


Fribourg 9 December 2014

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